A bit about us

 The Portuguese Language Centre was founded in 2010 by the Portuguese language teacher Juliana Menezes to promote and spread the language in Ireland. 


Every year, hundreds of students from all over the globe come to learn Portuguese with us for various reasons and purposes. For ten years we have been providing high quality classes for people who have partners from Brazil, Portugal, Angola or Mozambique and for others who come to study in order to be able to communicate well in Portuguese either to go on a trip or work in one of the countries where Portuguese is spoken.

We offer different types of classes, from complete beginners to advanced, from afternoon to evening - all online since mid-March 2020.

Our online group classes in Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese hold a maximum of 8 students allowing for more interactive lessons and quicker improvement. We also offer individual tuition, in company classes, cultural workshops, events, movies in Portuguese and conversation classes. Meet the team here.

The centre has a small library with Books, magazines, CDs and movies in Portuguese to be borrowed.

Our centre is registered with the local authorities in Ireland and friends of the school include the Embassy of Brazil in Dublin and various  educational companies who contributed books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. 

What differentiates us?

- Our teachers are not only native speakers, they are specialized teachers highly experienced in Portuguese Language teaching for foreigners

- We use a wide variety of materials to teach Portuguese as a second language and course material is included in the price

- Each student gets individual attention as we take a maximum of 8 students in each group class

- Courses are prepared in advance following a predefined structure and allow for a great combination of learning and fun in our classes

- Dynamic classes where students start speaking from the very first day

Friends and contributors:
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