Tuesday 2 May, 6-9pm, Portuguese Language Centre Open Day

Please let us know you'll be coming:

Come in, we are open!

Visit us at the Portuguese Language Centre for some information on the language and courses, taster classes, readings, coffee and music.

If you are interested in learning Brazilian or European Portuguese but you would like to have a better idea about the school and the options of courses we have, visit our school, check our Portuguese language library and talk to the teachers, support staff and current students who will be delighted to 

clarify your doubts and give you all the information you need. Pay us a visit on our Open Day during the Cultura Fest.

To attend our Open Day on 2 May 2017 please register to let us know you're coming. If you would like to try a taster class you must register as places are very limited. 

We're looking forward to welcoming you to the school.

Photos by Sandra Walsh.

Wednesday 3 May, 6pm, Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar

Free admission but booking is essential: 

Light refreshments and live music will lead you into the evening discussion...

Brazil on camera: national and international identities in film

Western audiences may associate Brazilian cinema with recent internationally acclaimed and multiple-award winning films such as 'City of God' and 'Elite Squad'. However, Brazilian film, present since the beginning of the 20th century, has passed through different cycles of production and explored numerous genres throughout the last century and up to the present. In presenting the Brazilian cinematographic historical cycles with clips from key films, Dr Fernanda Rabelo will seek to recognize the characteristics of Brazilian cinema, debating with invited guests what is essentially national and what belongs to an international industry and/or art, itself in constant reinvention. The key discussion will be around what remains unanswered until today: What is the identity or what are the multiple identities of Brazilian cinema?

Fernanda Lima Rabelo

Fernanda Lima Rabelo is a historian with a PhD in Social History from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. She has specialized in Brazil’s Contemporary History, Brazil-United States Relations, Cultural History and Transnational History. Her main focus of research is Brazil’s relations with the United States in the 20th century, analyzing the cultural, political and intellectual exchanges between the nations. She has researched about Brazil’s image in 20th century American cinema, especially in the 1940s and 1950s. She was a visiting researcher at Georgetown University in 2012 and has given lectures at academic events in Brazil, the United States, Ireland and Britain over the past 5 years.

With invited guests:
Gretha Viana

Brazilian born Gretha is a producer and writer with 10 years experience in producing documentary television, features, brand content and TV series in Brazil for the international market. For 6 years, she co-ran RED EARTH FILMS, which specialised in providing production services for shoots in South America (for clients such as BBC, HBO, CHANNEL 4, NATGEO, etc). Gretha started to develop Red Earth's own TV content and had series commissioned by GLOBO, ESPN and THE HISTORY CHANNEL one of which ‘O INFILTRADO’ which Gretha co-wrote and co-produced, was nominated for an International Emmy Award in 2014. Gretha’s other credits includes: TV series NAZI HUNTERS (NATGEO) Gemini Award Winner, I SCORED A GOAL IN THE WORLD CUP (ESPN), Sports Emmy nominated and 9.79* where she co-directed and co-produced with UK filmmaker Daniel Gordon.

Humberto Saldanha

Humberto Saldanha is a PhD candidate in Film and Screen Media at University College Cork, where he is developing a study of the circulation of contemporary Brazilian cinema in Europe. He completed a BA in Communication Studies and an MRes in Communication and Contemporary Culture, both at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. His research interests include contemporary Brazilian cinema, transnational and cosmopolitan cinemas, world cinemas, cinematic excess and narratology.

Live music:
Carlinhos Cruz singing songs from Brazilian films

Carlinhos Cruz, singer and song-writer, started playing music aged 10 taking up the sounds and rhythms of the bustling city of São Paulo in Brazil where he comes from. Influenced by the diversity and textures of contemporary Brazilian music his music is a fusion of traditional Brazilian folk and haunting melodies that speak of the vivacity and complexity of contemporary living. Since moving to Ireland almost four years ago Carlinhos has enjoyed exploring contemporary Irish music as well as folk and sean-nós.As well as charming audiences all over Ireland Carlinhos has enjoyed gigging in London and Paris, Berlin. Krakow, Lisbon, Porto to name but a few.

Cruz's debut EP "Do Outro Lado" was launched in The Sugar Club as well as in Lisbon and São Paulo. His new album will be released early next year. "Do Outro Lado" is available to download at    https://carlinhoscruz.bandcamp.com/releases

You can also check Carlinhos out on YouTube and Facebook   https://m.facebook.com/carlinhoscruzofficial/

Thursday 4 May 2017, 6pm, Café Literario, Instituto Cervantes

Free admission but booking is essential: 

Light refreshments, live music and a dance performance will lead you into the evening discussion...

Belonging or not: keeping your cultural identity in a foreign land

Moving to another country is without a doubt one of the most exciting and challenging things you are likely to do in your life. This can be a wonderful experience and for some even a chance to take on a whole new personality and to re-invent themselves abroad. Along with that excitement though, there is the difficulty of having to communicate in another language. Even when we understand all the words sometimes we miss the nuances in meaning or the references or don't feel connected as others know nothing of our cultural background. It is as if we are blank slates. At times during this process it can feel like we are losing our authenticity and/or cultural heritage.

'Belonging or not' will take you on a journey with our invited guests as they talk about this relationship between language, culture and identity and discover or share ideas about the obstacles and benefits associated with adopting a new language.

The discussion will be in English but questions will be welcome in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian or Dutch!

Carmen Sanjulián García

Carmen Sanjulián García is a Lecturer of Business Spanish at Dublin Business School and at Trinity College Dublin. She also works at the Institute Cervantes in Dublin.

Her research focuses on the relationship between language, culture and identity. She is especially interested in how to implement the intercultural component into language classes. She studies the relationship between interculturality, economics, politics and society and the way they interact and influence each other. Carmen has spoken at conferences in Manchester, Nottingham, Reading and

Amsterdam amongst other places.

Francesca La Morgia

Francesca La Morgia is a linguist specialising in child language acquisition and bilingualism. She is a lecturer in Trinity College, at the Department of Clinical Speech and Language Studies. Her main research interests lie in the areas of child language development, parent-child interaction, heritage language transmission, and family language policy. Before joining Trinity College, Francesca lectured in UCD, DCU and at the University of Reading. In 2017, Francesca set up Mother Tongues, with the aim to raise awareness about the challenges and the benefits associated with bilingualism and multilingualism.

Rosalinde Schut

Rosalinde developed a deep passion for other cultures and languages, justice and equal opportunity as a teenager. Born in the Netherlands, she obtained her B.A. (Hons.) and MA in English Language and Culture from the VU University Amsterdam. She moved to Dublin in 2000 and ran the Dutch section at Trinity College. After lecturing and teaching at third level and in adult education for a number of years, Rosalinde embarked on a PhD in Early Modern English Literature at UCD.

Building communities and developing relationships are the driving forces in her life. She is currently head of operations in an organisation providing a support and referral service to people affected by imprisonment.

Chair: Teresa Cecilio

Teresa Cecilio is a Portuguese teacher, originally from Leiria in the centre of Portugal who has been living in Ireland since 2000. Teresa qualified from the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade of Porto with a BA Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures - Portuguese and French and completed a Higher Diploma in Education at the same University. She is broadly experienced in teaching both Portuguese Mother Tongue and Portuguese as a Foreign Language having taught in Porto, Lisbon and now in Dublin, where she has worked at Second Level, teaching Junior and Leaving Certificate, International Baccalaureate and in the European school. She has also worked at third Level in U.C.D. as well as in several Languages schools and Adult Education Centres.

Live music:
Nathália Ropke singing songs in Portuguese and Spanish

Nathália Röpke, 22, Brazilian. I came from "Rio Grande do Sul", extreme south of Brazil, singing in many events for almost 12 years, I am sure that is my passion. Before I have arrived here, I've had the plan to keep singing and playing for living and I am glad to have achieved it, I should say, that's about pursuing a dream! Here I have had an amazing "new" opportunity as well, which is singing on street (busking), so, for now, I take part in events (weddings, parties, dinners and more) and also go to Grafton street for busking. If you want to follow me closer:



Instagram: @nathaliaropke

Live dance:
Portugal meets Brazil meets Angola

Dança em Português is a story about love. Rosinha is a young girl who will dance romantic feelings through Portuguese, Angolan and Brazilian sounds and the Portuguese language unifying them all.

Performed by Marta Martinho, Alex Kizz (Kizomba) and Rômulo Borges(Forró).

Marta is a music lover who expresses herself through her dance.

She has been dancing all her life. Her basics are from contemporary dance but she has also been fascinated by different dance styles, like hip hop and belly dance. Marta started partner dancing through folk parties where she broke the idea that solo was the only way she could express her passion.

She started dancing Lindy Hop in Porto – Portugal and and at international workshops tried Blues dancing.

Marta got hooked on the Blues so much that thought not having Blues in Dublin – Ireland (where she lives now) was unacceptable. Together with other dancers, she now runs weekly Blues classes and local events.
Marta loves to perform and is very excited about improving her dancing in all sorts of ways.

Friday 5 May 2017, 5:30pm, Teachers' Club, 36 Parnell Sq West

Free admission but booking is essential: 

The 5th of May is the International Day of the Portuguese Language and culture from the Portuguese speaking countries.


In its 4th day of the festival, Cultura Fest would like to invite you to celebrate this special evening with us where we will have a series of presentations, exhibitions and performances for all culture lovers.

Some of the attractions of the night will be:

Exhibition of illustrations by artists from the Portuguese speaking countries. 

The illustrations were specially designed for Cultura Fest 2017 and will show popular idiomatic expressions used in Portuguese and we will translate their equivalent in English.

Lovely traditional food stands. 

Food from Brazil and Portugal will be on sale and you will be able to eat in our arty food area from where you can see the other attractions of the evening while eating. Drinks can be bought in the bar upstairs 'til late.

The sound experience. 

We are delighted to take the public into a 'sound tour' where we will be introducing the various sounds of the Portuguese language which may seem 'exotic' or 'challenging' for non natives. Fun activities will help you discover some of the innumerable accents from this language spoken in 10 different countries and also make sure you 'exercise' your jaw trying to say some of the words.

Sean-Nós & Fado - best friends? 

Brazilian translator and fluent Irish speaker Natália Uí Fhaoláin will sing traditional Irish music (Sean-Nós) and traditional Portuguese music (Fado) and open a discussion on similarities between these singing styles.

Screenings from the Lusophone countries. 

Short movies and videos from the countries where Portuguese is an official language will be shown, opening the possibility to make known a bit of the cultural aspects of the countries as well as the varieties of accents.

Theatrical performances. 

Actors, speakers of Portuguese and English, will explore the gestures, facial expressions and non-verbal utterances that are commonly used to communicate in Portuguese speaking countries.

Dance performances. 

Traditional dance and music from Brazil and Africa will be performed and the general public will be able to join the dancers and instructors.

An evening for all language lovers and cultural backgrounds and not to be missed!  Events will be in English and in Portuguese.

Saturday 6 May 2017, 2:30pm, Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar

Free admission but booking is essential: 

Cultura Fest is delighted to present with 'Mala de herança-Irlanda' a magical book event in partnership with One Voice For Languages. We would like to invite you to celebrate the first release of Janine Henriques children’s book, “A Bruxinha Roxa e a besoura beeze: a bruxinha roxa que perdeu a música por causa da Besoura Beeze”. A dramatized performance of the story will be presented. This is the story of a very kind and special little witch who loved writing songs. Then one day her friend Beeze eats, all by herself, a tart containing a precious song portion about friendship that Bruxinha Roxa had made specially for both of them. Something unexpected happens and Bruxinha Roxa can’t remember her friend Beeze anymore. Who is going to help them now? Join us to find out ! 

The author will answer questions and sign books after the play. Please join the merriment as we launch the career of a new exciting Brazilian author on May 6th, 2017 at 2.30pm at Filmbase.

This event is in Portuguese - all are very welcome!

Janine Meira Henriques

Janine Meira Henriques trabalha com arte desde 2001. É dramaturga. Fotografa. Dançarina. Escritora. Esse é seu terceiro livro publicado, sendo o primeiro na categoria infantil. Mãe de três filhos, Janine começou a criar as histórias de Bruxinha Roxa e da Besoura Beeze em 2001, quando o filho mais velho, Tales, ainda com cinco anos, passou a exigir histórias diferentes na hora de dormir. Percebendo a necessidade de relatos os quais tratassem do amor e do cuidado que deve existir entre amigos, a jornalista, então, decidiu ela mesma criar uma nova história. E, assim, nasceu a fábula.

Saturday 6 May 2017, 9:30am - 4pm, Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar

The Portuguese Language Centre will have a stand at the One Voice For Languages 'Live, love, learn languages' language fair all day on Saturday 6th May so drop in, say hello and check out some of the many events and workshops related to learning languages, including tips on learning a language: