Online European Portuguese group classes Term 3: May-July 2021

European Portuguese online group classes for the third term of 2021 will run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, from 25th May until 15th July.

This is the early bird booking page for currently enrolled students to book their places first. Bookings are on a first-come-first-serve basis and places are limited to 8 students per class so we would advise you to book early to avoid disappointment.

Note: All classes continue online

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Beginners and Elementary

The course objectives for the beginners and elementary levels can be found here.

Beginners Improvers: 

Tuesdays 6:10 - 7:25pm, 25/05 - 13/07, 8 weeks


Thursdays 6:10 - 7:25pm, 27/05 - 15/07, 8 weeks


Wednesdays 6:10 - 7:25pm, 26/05 - 14/07, 8 weeks

Book your place here:


The course objectives for the intermediate levels can be found here.


Wednesdays 7:35 - 8:50pm, 26/05 - 14/07, 8 weeks, 10 hours.


Thursdays 6:10 - 7:25pm, 27/05 - 15/07, 8 weeks, 10 hours.


Thursdays 7:35 - 8:50pm, 27/05 - 15/07, 8 weeks, 10 hours.

Book your place here:

Terms and conditions - group classes

- Payment must be made in FULL in advance.
- There is no discount for students who join a group after the first class.
- Students who are absent from class cannot attend alternative group sessions to compensate for the classes they have missed as numbers and classes are limited.

- There is no discount or refund for missed classes.
- If the course does not happen due to lack of demand, all fees will be refunded.