Expressões de Fim de Ano

December 11, 2018


É fim de ano e Natal e Ano Novo estão chegando. Já pensou em quais as expressões mais comuns da época?


O Portuguese Language Centre preparou uma lista de termos, expressões _e delícias culinárias_típicas do Brasil e de Portugal. Confira!



It is the end of the year and Christmas and New Year's is just around the corner. Have you thought about the most common expressions of this time?


Portuguese Language Centre prepared a list of terms, expressions _and dishes_ that are typical at this time of the year in Brazil and Portugal. Check it out!

Como desejar/ How to say


- Feliz Natal _ Merry Christmas

- Feliz Ano Novo _ Happy New Year

- Boa virada! _ this expression is used when people wish a friend/family member a nice Reveillon party

- Bom princípio - means have a good beginning of the year. In some families, saying that can also be considered a way of desiring it while giving some money donation to start the year with some extra cash ;)


Pratos culinários/Dishes

Farofa - bread crumbs, vegetables, chicken and whatever the family feels like. It is one of the main dishes in a Christmas or New Year's feast and goes well with chicken, turkey, rice, beans...


Peru - Turkey


Frango - Chicken


Tender - Christmas' Ham


Arroz - Rice



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