"If you love language then learn Portuguese with excellent teachers in the Portuguese Language Centre!" - Ethna Bane, private classes

"I have loved learning in the Portuguese Language Centre. Juliana is an excellent teacher, who brings a huge amount of enthusiasm and fun to her classes. Here you can learn Portuguese in a friendly, supportive environment, where there is a definite focus on practical topics and improving your spoken command of the language. The skills and confidence I developed learning Portuguese have really helped to improve my communication with my Brazilian in-laws, and opened up a whole new country to explore now that I have a good command of the native


— Niall Kirrane


"I have been attending the Portuguese Language Centre from beginner to pre-intermediate and I am delighted with the progress I have been making. Juliana is a fantastic teacher who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate. As well as an amazing course, Juliana provides insight into Brazilian culture and there are also outings such as Brazilian movie screenings etc. I started learning Portuguese so I could communicate with my Brazilian Fiance's family and it feels great that finally I can!"

— Áine Breen


"I was looking for a class that introduced me to the basics of the language so I could gain a solid footing on which to build. The class absolutely delivered on that requirement by starting with the basics and progressing at a steady pace. . . . The centre and the people who run it are incredibly friendly, easygoing and helpful. It has a very comfortable feel about it and the class sizes are small enough to really get to know each other. Juliana is a fantastic teacher with great energy."

— Mark McDonnell from Ireland


"I was looking for one to one tuition . . . to develop my skills and become more proficient. I was delighted that I could get a tailored program of learning. . . .

[The Portuguese Language Centre is] very friendly and makes language learning a rewarding experience. I have felt very supported in my learning. I would definitely recommend it to a friend."

— Niamh

“The best school in Dublin to learn Portuguese! Juliana is a wonderful, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable teacher with lots of experience.”

— Anna Przybylo from Poland

"I had started with the Portuguese Language Centre 2 semesters past and am signing up for the next semester. My experience has been very positive and all the staff have been great, they are all very friendly and helpful.  As I had some Portuguese before joining we initially did a language assessment to make sure that I would start at the correct class level. Our teacher Marta is brilliant, she is very organised and has each class well planned out in advance. She is a native Portuguese speaker and also speaks fluent English. She keeps all the students engaged in the class so we learn from each other as well. Marta has a great sense of humour also so the classes are fun too. I have made good progress with the language compared to when I first started in this school and am much more confident now when speaking Portuguese. I would highly recommend the Portuguese Language Centre for anyone who is interested in learning to speak Portuguese."

John Finn

"Last year I contacted the Portuguese Language Centre as I needed to Learn Portuguese (Brazilian). As a Senior Citizen I needed  a patient teacher and one who could ensure that in a few months I would not only be able to converse in Portuguese but also deliver a  speech at my daughter's wedding in Brazil! That I know was a tall order! . . .

I had a wonderful teacher, Juliana, who made learning the language so enjoyable. I went to Brazil in December and was able to cope with all situations. I dealt with a difficult situation at the airport in Rio, I managed in restaurants, conversed with crazy taxi drivers and easily asked for directions when lost. Most importantly of all I was able to converse, at least on a one to one basis, with my daughter's in-laws. I delivered a speech at the wedding reception and conversed with the many friends of my Brazilian son-in-law. There's a cidade in Espirito Santo where people think a little Irish Mammy is muito inteligente!

While there, I fell in love with the  place and its lovely people and their language, so now I am continuing my  Portuguese lessons with the Portuguese Language Centre. I look forward so much to my lessons there. To date it's been an exciting, rewarding and very enjoyable experience. . . . If you love language then learn Portuguese with excellent teachers in the Portuguese Language Centre!

Best Wishes to all involved in the Centre!"


“Fantastic place to learn português. Amazing teacher and great course.”

— Emmet O'Callaghan from Ireland